Foundry Sport | Build Your Game
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World-class facilities

for your athlete

The Foundry offers a 43,000 square foot facility with 30 foot ceilings. With its modular setup, we can accommodate up to six full size volleyball, basketball or futsal courts and more.

State-of-the-art equipment

to be your best.

We believe in providing our athletes the finest equipment possible to build their game including rhino floors, vertaflex jump training machines and noah shooting machines, and more.

Expert staff with a

sense of community.

The Foundry boasts a staff of over 24 coaches, trainers and physical therapists.  Many of our staff have coached at the high school and college levels and competed at every level of their sport.


Your athlete comes first.

We provide very important services that other clubs cannot provide.  Our first-rate Physical Therapy and Athletic Training service looks after your athlete’s injury prevention as well as “return to sport” if your athlete is injured.

Also, we provide an Academic Resource Center (ARC) with WiFi where your athlete can study comfortably prior to and after practice.  Coming soon, you will also be able to order food from a variety of restaurants and it will be delivered to your athlete at a time of your choosing.

Science is our middle name.

From years of experience developing youth athletes and staying up to date on the latest industry training methods, we understand that there is a science to helping athletes reach their full potential.  That science includes a focus on core sport-specific mechanics, conditioning, prevention and recovery.

  • Consistent movement patterns and team systems are the key to our success. Depending on the sport, our athletes are taught the same patterns and systems in similar drills by mature coaches who utilize a common glossary when instructing.
  • At The Foundry, we are proud to offer one of the finest sports performance centers in the region staffed by an experienced team of trainers. The team focuses on balance, speed-endurance, agility, and explosive movements. Under their guidance, all club athletes participate in weekly conditioning to maximize potential by improving performance, decreasing injury potential and motivation through education.
  • While we are always focused on prevention, injury can happen in sports. That’s why we are one of the few facilities to offer on-site physical therapy through Elevate Performance.

By applying science to the art of coaching youth athletes, we help each athlete maximize their potential.

Exciting News from The Foundry